Ivan Bideac is a photographer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Worked for Condé Nast, Michael Kors, Bonobos, Casamigos, Gap etc. Available for Editorial, Advertising and Personal Commissions.

Art Models is a photo story about people who are working as art models in Academy of Art and Music in Moldova. Getting paid $0.50 per hour (8,50 lei) - some do it for money, some out of habit, and some are just lonely and using this opportunity to be closer to young students so they have someone to talk to.
They all have different paths in life, but ended up in this unusual for their age profession.

1- Antonieta Gordea, born 1941 in Donduseni, Moldova.
At age 7 (1948) was deported by soviets with her family to Siberia. Returned to Moldova in 1957 after part of her family perished in Siberia, received medical education and worked in military hospitals as a feldsher. Started to work as art model after her retirement in 2003.

2- Petru Praiu, born 1967 in Straseni, Moldova.
After he couldn't finish the Art University in Bucharest, he worked as an art teacher in Academy of Art and Music in Moldova. In 2013 lost his job, some say due to drinking problems, but stayed as a model.
From time to time he gives free lessons to students.

3-Victor Panamarchuk, born 1959 Chisinau, Moldova.
Used to work as a French teacher. in 1985 decided to start working as a model. Always has a radio with him, and while modeling is listening to french stations.

4-Tatyana Kanatova, born 1953.
Accidentally started to model in 00’s, when her friend, a sculptor invited her to help him with his recent piece. She is regularly modeling ever since.

5- Ekatirina Mamberger (right), born 1944 Magadan, Russia.
Until 2002 worked as a software engineer. When she realized that she can't keep up with young colleagues, started to model.

6 - Natalia (left), didn’t want to share her details and face.
She is still keeping it a secret from her neighbours and relatives that she is working as a nude model.