first edition 2015
17 cm x 24 cm
96 pages
offset printing
hot foil embossed hardcover
ISBN 978-88-940319-4-2
30 €

The power of images has been able to reach heights of unimaginable altitude: as claim of identity, proof of experience, emotional engine, photography is a process of 'meaning making', as Roland Barthes stated in his study, calling us 'homo significans'.Everyone produces images every day, a downright essential visual diary in the rise of the new digitized era, so that each image can live up becoming unique in itself, and a summation of all the other images with the same cadence and nuance, outlining the pace taken by fashion.

The interpretation of reality is embedded in an image, squeezed in a book, as part of a huge database of images living for themselves, all isolated but all connected by the experience. This book is exactly that, a mosaic made up of many different pieces that have the ability to outline an excerpt of reality – the one lived daily by the author – empirical footprints of his experience linked to many other near and distant experiences. Fleeting 'apparitions', as the title suggests, no longer seeking the divine in this term, but the ability to grasp the details that make our present so precious.

“A photograph can nevertheless abstract a moment from the particular, drawing the scene away from its context to take on a new and different significance” said Jordan Rockford, an independent curator and Senior Lecturer in the Photography program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia that curated the text “Seeing the world for what it is” as preface of the book.

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