Fabio Cunha studied Architecture at Porto´s University (FAUP) and obtained a Master degree in Photography at EFTI - Madrid. Subverting everyday objects and situations he develops his practice between photography and installation. He received the DOCfield16 Dummy Award Fundació Banco Sabadell (Barcelona), to publish his long term project ZONA. In 2017 his photobook ZONA was published by PHREE, La Kursala and Photographic Social Vision, and was selected as one of the best photobooks of the year by PhotoEspaña and photo-eye magazine. Since 2017 he has been teaching at ETIC school and Atelier de Lisboa. He was selected as one of the artists to integrate PARALLEL Platform 2nd Cycle 2018/2019. His work is  part of  Fundació Banc Sabadell, Universidad de Cádiz and private collections.

You can take the boy from the mountain but you can´t take the mountain from the boy...

ALL THE MOUNTAINS I CAN SEE FROM HERE mirrors expectations, struggles, decisions, doubts, excitements, dreams and frustrations of the here and now.

Fabio Cunha was raised in the Portuguese Region of Trás-os-Montes (Behind-the-Mountains). Since childhood he felt that mountains were life itself and helped humanity see things in perspective. The series is a reflections on life, form a personal point of view but tracing universal thoughts: "You can climb a mountain or you can look at it from a distance, but the mountain itself will always be there.