We are pleased to announce the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2018!
Send us your entry before 27 May 2018 and show us: What does peace look like?

For the second time we also call for entries to the Children Peace Image of the Year.
Take part if you are 14 years or younger!
The honorary chair for the Children Peace Image of the Year is Waris Dirie, a committed human rights activist. The Award is supported by the German Youth Photography Award.

Entry is free of charge.
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The five best works of the Alfred Fried Photography Award and the winner of the Children Peace Image of the Year will be honoured with the Alfred Fried Photography Award Medal, the photographers will be invited to attend the award ceremony in Vienna on 20 September 2018, with travel expenses and accommodation paid.

The overall winner Peace Image of the Year will receive a cash price of € 10,000.
The Peace Image of the Year will be shown for one year in the Austrian Parliament and will be included in the permanent art collection of the Austrian Parliament.

The Children Peace Image of the Year will receive a cash price of € 1,000. The winner and his or her parents are invited to the award ceremony in Vienna. If a photo group wins, one member of the group and his or her parents are invited to the ceremony with travel expenses and accommodation paid.

The Special Award of the Jury for the best single picture entry will receive a cash price of € 1.000.

A great opportunity for any photographer to gain worldwide attention
Works of the Alfred Fried Photography Award have been exhibited at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, at the Geneva Peace Week, at the Forum Austriaco di Cultura in Rome and the Maison du Jeune Citoyen at Schilitgheim, also the shortlisted images, plus 320 other remarkable works, have been put together in a 50 minute animation, shown 7 times a day on the DIGI-WALL at Vienna's main railway station, which can be seen by 18.000 travellers a day. The winners of the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2017 are currently shown on 100 m² big large format billboards, along the so called Südost-Tangente in Vienna where 180,000 cars pass by per day.

This and many other activities are also planned around the 2018 award.

"Peace is the greatest thing!", Cletus Nelson Nwadike, Sweden

The 2017 Alfred Fried Photography Award was a great success and was well received by the global photography community. The Alfred Fried Photography Award 2017 was presented on 14 September 2017 at a gala in the rooms of the Austrian Parliament. Harald Dossi, Secretary General, Austrian Parliament, introduced the ceremony attended by 150 guests.

The main prize, worth 10,000 euros, went to Sweden-based Cletus Nelson Nwadike, who had left his native Nigeria where a civil war was raging that cost two million lives. In his photo essay Nwadike celebrates freedom from violence and the gift of being allowed to live in peace.

A first this year was the 1,000 euros prize for the best single picture, which went to US photographer Jonathan Bachman for the image of a woman protesting peacefully against racial violence, at the moment of her arrest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Another first this year was the best image of peace by a child or young person. The 1,000 euros prize went to twelve-year-old Lina Momsen from Hamburg for a picture that captures the importance of friendship. The Children Peace Image of the Year Award was supported by the Vienna Insurance Group.

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