Carmen Colombo was born in 1991.
After a degree in Photography and Visual Arts at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, in 2013 she attended a documentary course at LuzAcademy in Milan.
She's currently living and working in Milan as a freelance photographer; she is also developing her personal portfolio.

She exhibited some of her works at Photofestival in Milan (2012) and at the Jitterbug Gallery in Paris (2016).
Her project "Al di qua delle montagne" has been recently selected for the Emerging Talents 2016 and it is currently being exhibited at the Macro Museum in Rome.  

Widely known as a peripheral and industrial area, a tissue of small towns, the Brianza area is here painted as an unusual scenario, somehow far away from the prosaic view of a region of abundance and wealth.

“Al di qua delle montagne” was born in 2013 to give voice to my own vision of these places and people.

Urban and natural landscapes are constantly alternating; agricultural areas are interlaced with modern shopping malls. Everything is highlighted by a white sky, so familiar in these places; and the people portrayed under this timeless light are turned into the “characters” living on this land.

The mountains, mentioned in the title, geographically make up the northern boundary of this territory. They do not appear in the photos, they are an invisible boundary, a metaphor of a border more imaginary than physical.